Sunday, January 2

I guess I have to think about it at least.

resolutions, that is...

Bill asked me what I wished for, for 2011.  I told him - no wishes.
A wish is something you hope for, or hope to happen.
I need to make things real, make things happen.
Go after what I want, right?

I resolve to do that.
Make things happen.
I've certainly never thought I should be handed anything.
However one rates successes in life,
it has to at least be something you worked for.
And my plan is to work hard to make this year
the best. There will be no fluff and fuzz,
no bragging and no putting myself out in the spotlight to
gain praise for my accomplishments.  Getting a pat on the back
or a false sense of support from some false sense of existence.
I will only find success within myself.
And that will trickle down and make
all-right with the world.
Or at least those that come in contact with me.
I smile as I say this...

Speaking of me,
because I love talking about myself,
I was reminded of something my sister
said to me during our final cry-fest before I moved.
She told me she was worried that I would move away
and not take care of mySELF.
And at the time I thought, mySELF?
I always take care of myself.
But being here and constantly thinking about what she said,
and what it really means.....well.
I realized that I do NOT do that ...really.
And there are probably a lot of us that do NOT do that.
We just think we do.

I had talked to Bill about making sure everyday that I got up and
went for a walk or a quick hike or bike ride,
with or without Lucy, just to get some exercise.
To get out and enjoy the desert, to spend some time alone.
So I thought with a heavy sigh...
WOW.  In order to accomplish this I'd have to get up at 5 or 5:30
so that way I am done before the kids get up and ready for school.
Or it would have to be at 8 or 8:30 once dinner, pool, homework, etc
was done, each night.  I am so programmed that once the kids are off
to school, it is my duty to get the house in order, run errands, clean, cook,
laundry.....whatever it is I do all day.....

Now I get what Kimmy said.
My days consist of taking care of everyone and everything,
except me.
I resolve to fix this.
It's going to be harder than I think though.
I am promising my sister this.  I am.

And while I am on the subject of me.
One final resolution.

I resolve to use

Bobbi Brown GEL eyeliner.
It's GEL and it is FANTASTIC.
No more running a pencil over my wrinkle-y eyelid.

It's an $18 resolution that I will have to try to live with.
Hey, while I am working on myself,
I can do it with great eyes.

I'm smiling again.
And THIS is a good thing!


Kim said...

Glad you've been giving it some thought. I know it's easier said than done, but it's the best thing you can do for you and your family. Even better than doing the cooking, cleaning, etc.

Miss you and love you like crazy.

And I'll have to check out that eyeliner....

You Know Who. :) said...

I plan on buying that eyeliner... and working on "me", with you. :)