Monday, January 3

Friends and Football

or this could be equally titled
"Who The Hell Is In Charge Of The Camera?".

Leslie got tickets to the Fiesta Bowl - UCONN vs Oklahoma.
(I told you before - The BEST social coordinator EVER!)
We have not seen Leslie's husband Dean in, oh....about 10 years!
Holy shit!  It was like time hadn't past.  And the four of us
were back at it, like old times.  Lots of laughs, fun, and
the ease of a good friendship!  I love when it's "easy".

So before we headed off to the game, Olivia was in charge of getting a shot
of the four of us - with our golden..they might have been in hand!

The kids, too, wanted to get their afternoon started, heading out
to the local main street for some hot chocolate and treats.  So Les and I
grabbed our cameras all the while yelling  asking nicely,
to look here and look there, stand up straight, stand over there.....
and this is all we got:

How is it that Hannah and Olivia always manage to look great?
And yes..
Hannah is tan.
Swimming 3 hours a day in an outdoor pool does that to you.
I'm jealous.

So off to the stadium we headed.
Which is where we handed the camera off to Bill.....
Just figuring how the pictures were going to turn out, was cracking us up...
I am totally loving the composition of this one.  I like how he has focused on the orange
wrap they used to symbolize TOSTITOS....the sponsor of the Fiesta Bowl.
Oh yeah, and down on the left hand corner of the photo?
That's us!!!
Nice job on the photo's everybody.
Way to take our mind off the fact that we cheered for UCONN amongst a see of
red, crazy, loyal, tens of thousands of OU fans for the first half,
and high-tailed it outta there during the third quarter...shaking our heads.
Thanks for an entertaining evening!


Kim said...

Poor Huskies - wish they could have won. Great that they at least finally made it to a BCS Bowl game.

Great pictures, despite the less than perfect composition.

TrishA said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your big smile. . . makes my heart warm !!!

Kathleen said...

It is wonderful to see such a huge grin on your face again Gini!