Monday, January 24

Dear Lucy.

Let me start off by saying I love you.
You are a good dog.
In fact, I think you are the best dog EVER.

But you are starting to really bug the crap outta me.

Ever since moving here ALL you want to do besides eat cheese,
is go for walks.

Now personally, I think we take you on plenty of walks.
But sometimes there are walks that I would like to go on that

1.  don't involve chasing birds
2.  allows me to keep a firm grip on my camera,
rather than you
3.  let's me see if I can actually WALK up a hill solo,
without the aid of you pulling me up.  Just for my own peace of mind...

Now, if you walked like the nice dogs do on Dog Whisperer,
instead of the need to always get your "hound" on:

I might not seem so crabby about this.

And one would think that after experiencing the wrath of the desert: wouldn't REALLY wanna go back out again....

But you do.
And it's driving me fricken nuts.

Love you though,
your owner Gini


Trisha said...

WOWZZZZAAAA - - her poor little skinny legs and they don't have any fur to protect them !!! And don't ya just love having to pull them out trying to not get them stuck on your own hand !!!

Liz said...

omg. she's cute!!!
Get her some shoes!!!!!

Kim said...

Damn - that had to hurt!