Thursday, December 2


This morning we are waking up right outside of Oklahoma City.
Drinking a nice hot cup of coffee - the first of a LOT of cups of coffee I need for this trip.
Lucy is sitting to my right eating bits of sausage and eggs I am hand feeding her off my plate.
It is only right after enduring being wrapped like a sausage in a blanket, head and all,
to sneak her into a hotel at night.  Not about to stay in some 'flea bag' hotel,
because apparently, those are where dogs are allowed.

Hold on, she wants a waffle.

The drive was mostly sunny yesterday, thank God.
The radio stations were mostly COUNTRY, I do NOT thank God for that.
My iPhone got quite the workout yesterday.

Music is making the days go quick.
That and our license plate game.
Hannah and I have made a list of states we have found.
We are three or four short.  Maybe we'll find them today.

Hold on.  Lucy wants some danish.

Bill and Connor have "claimed" to have seen lots of deer.
I personally, think they are full of shit.
I've only seen cows.  And LOTS of them.

Bill's operating on Monster energy drink about now.
I switched from plain ol' coffee to some canned Starbucks
Light Latte with Added Extra Energy Kick My Ass
and Stay Awake drink.
I got the shakes from it last night.
WTF is in that stuff???
I can drink coffee all day long and not get the shakes.
Anyway - none of that for me today.

I tried a McRib yesterday.  It should be called McRubber.
I hated it.  We are eating like crap, but we kind of expected that going into
this.  Snacks were on the lunch menu yesterday.  YUM.
Cheesy Chex Mix stuff.
Can't wait to get to a house with a kitchen.
So I can cook for everyone else,
and develop an eating disorder for myself.
I need to lose this weight I've packed on.

So that's all she wrote today.
Heading to Albuquerque today.
About a nine hour drive.

Until we meet again....


Liz said...

"cook for everyone else and develop and an eating disorder for myself"
You just quoted me and you didn't even know it. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you stinkin' crazy . . . a frickin McRib !! OMG !!! I would love to see you even try to bit one of those !!! Too funny. . . I am have on the same fast food plan, and we aren't even driving . . Fat and Happy !!