Saturday, December 4

some thoughts

OK.  So we are here.  In Scottsdale.
I think I want to hire a chauffeur to drive me around for the next week or so.
I don't want to drive anymore.  Anywhere.  Period.
And to think that Bill has to do that all.over.again.....
Oh, I didn't mention earlier that we didn't fit all our stuff on the truck.
He's got to fly back, rent a smaller truck (thank God) and haul the
rest of our stuff here.

It was 70 degrees yesterday.  And it will be that today.
I'm just sayin'.

My favorite part of the drive was the last stretch out of Oklahoma and
through the flat land of Texas.
My question is though - why do so many deer sleep along the sides of the highway?
There were a lot of them - yes yes.  I admit.
Bill and Connor were NOT full of crap.  There were deer.

Thought admittedly, I love McDonalds french fries,
I am so sick and tired and artery clogged from all the fast food we ate,
that I can't look at another fast food restaurant for a very long time.
I need to find Costco, like right now!

We took a "alternate" route - and I use that term VERY loosely,
once we got into Arizona.  While that trip in my car alone would not have been
and issue...

6000 feet above sea level in the mountains???????


Mrs. Navigation thought that would be a better way to travel - shaving a supposed
45 minutes off the travel time.
Yeah, if you weren't driving a full, top heavy 27 foot truck
with all my precious shit inside.
Poor Bill.
I bit my nails for him the whole


So.  That's all for now.  Off to meet the movers who will be helping unload.
Let's hope today in UNeventful.


Emily said...

I wish I knew you were going to Albuquerque.... we lived there for 4 years. I could have totally told you the terrific restaurants to go to. Well let me know when Bill goes through and I can tell you and you can pass it on to him.
I'm glad you made it there safely. I sent an email of Tyler's PR video for Peter Pan. That's a long story.... for an email.

Unknown said...

Happy to hear you have arrived safely.