Tuesday, December 7

OK - so it's Tuesday

I am sipping on a latte at Starbucks,
trying to get as much stuff done on my computer as I can possibly do.
Had to come here
to get away from my kids for awhile
for the free wi-fi, since we have no
Cable TV
The three things we can't seem to live without these days.

With all that is happening, it has been nice being so busy as to not
really realize the things I will miss about leaving the east coast.
Not gonna go 'there'...


Got the kids all registered for school and Hannah and Connor start tomorrow.
Hannah started swimming last night.
Said it was "amazing".  She truly has a passion.
I talked with Bill last night, and told him that I am so proud of her.
We taught her well - she just marched right into the pool last night,
un-escorted by me, swam her workout - new kids - new coaches,
and came out when was all said and done - happy as could be.

Maybe taught isn't the right word.  Gave her the tools - may be better.
We have given her all the tools necessary to be comfortable and confident.
And that shows in situations like this.  I love her.  I just love her.

Connor starts tonight.  Hopefully all will go well with him.  He seems to
be in a different place here - in his head that is.  I feel like he is growing into his confidence
the older he gets.  It's not always been easy for him, as it has for Hannah.
But he seems to be truly happy to be here in Scottsdale.  Back to the familiar -
which is always a good thing for Connor.  His coach has tried to make him
feel comfortable, so we will see how it all plays out.

My fingers are crossed for the first day of school.....

Garrin is relaxed.
He has spread himself out all over the place.
He has set up monorails
and racetracks
and has not stopped playing with his toys.
He is so easy going, it's almost like his life never gets disrupted.

So Bill.  Poor Bill.
Got on a plane today to head back to Massachusetts,
to pick up another truck, get the rest of our stuff, load up,
and take that looooooong drive
He doesn't seem bothered by this all, unless he is putting up a good front. 
Love him for doing this for us.

Me.  Just taking it all in.
Learning the roads.
Learning where Target is.
Starbucks - obviously.
Settling into my new life.
A life I know how to live.
One I feel comfortable in.
One I feel confident in.

Maybe I'm just following my daughters lead......

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