Tuesday, December 21

just because........

I didn't have anything better to do...
Well no...not really.

Just because I wanted to explore other parts of town...
no...that's not it.

Because I finally ran out of clean underwear...
yeah...that's probably it.

Finally bit the bullet and headed to a laundromat,
since we still do NOT have a working dryer.
Remember?  The Sears guy is happily showing up on Christmas Eve?
Yeah that's gonna be pleasant for sure...

Anyhoo.  Besides the fact that we now need a walking stick to try to hike
from the hallway through the laundry room to get to the kitchen from the garage...
the dirty clothes pile....
not having clean underwear cinched it for us.

So I washed a bunch of loads of clothes and found the one and only
laundromat around here, on the internet.

It was a sign that THIS was the place for us,
don't you think?

They have a really nice website, actually.
Very professionally done.
They even have a van!!  Real nice, huh??

It was a
hanging here for a couple of days.....

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Anonymous said...

I think you should apply to be there spokesperson !!! Gini for Ginny's !!