Wednesday, December 15

Shot picture number two - putting up some Christmas decorations
while unpacking load number 2 that Bill brought back.
Just when the garage was looking neat and tidy, right??


Back to my "lit" tree.
Which apparently isn't so "lit" anymore.
Love having to string lights on a tree that shouldn't need that....

Don't get me wrong, little snags like this are creating only eeney weeney
teeny tiny meltdowns by me.
Heaven forbid EVERYTHING go smoothly. complaining here.
All that crap goes away when I look outside and see the sun shining,
or walk outside..........without a coat and mittens.
The weather is just glorious here.
I am LOVING it.

So speaking of snags.
Got our washer and dryer here only to find out that the dryer hookup is
electric and not gas.
So my hunt began for a steel blue Samsung dryer to match the washer..that was electric.
You can imagine how many steel blue dryers I came across....
Low and behold, found one at a Sears Outlet here,
got the dryer for a fraction of a new one,
brought it here.....
wired the 4 prong electrical pluggy thing on....
AND installed the dryer vent from the wall to the back of the dryer
after consulting with my brother for the last two days via cell phone
all by ourselves.

Sweet, huh?
Yeah.  Until we turned on the dryer and it is making a god awful noise....
You know, right after I threw in my
Called Sears right away,
and they are going to send someone here

Christmas Eve.

Other than that things are beginning to feel normal.
Met with Garrin's new teacher yesterday.  He will start school at the beginning
of next year - after the break.  AND will be riding the bus.
This will be the first time in 8 years that I will NOT be transporting
any of my kids to and from school.
Now if we can just get the transporting to and from the pool
down to a bare minimum I will be a happy camper!!!

I want to give a quick shout out too, to my
personal social coordinator (if you don't have one you MUST GET ONE!)
very dear friend Leslie who lives here in Arizona!!!!
Who I love with all my heart.
While I learn to drive the roads around here,
she is busy busy busy filling my social calendar for the next couple of months
or so!!
In exchange, I am letting her borrow THESE.
Now THAT is love....right there....

The kids have adapted nicely into their new swim teams.
This upcoming weekend they do an annual hike up Pinnacle Peak Mountain,
followed by a kickball game and cookie exchange at a park.
A way to get the whole team together in one place,
since there are 6 different pools, I think.
So after Bill and I take our blood pressure on Saturday morning
to determine which of our fat butts are in better shape to take the kids
on the hike, hopefully one of us can get some good pictures of the landscape

I did start bringing the camera in the car with me,
but not really running around as much at this point in time.
Soon, though.  Soon.

Oh and just a quick thought....
maybe try to get a visual on this one.

Connor does yoga as part of his dryland portion of his swim workout.
Connor doing the Downward Facing Dog.....

See you tomorrow...

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