Friday, December 17

Do NOT move to Scottsdale

if you have a tendency to be a klutz,
and trip and fall often....
I'm just sayin'.

Ok - so this gorgeous place is at the end of our street.  It is called
Lost Dog Wash Trailhead.
It is one of quite a few trailheads in this area.
Don't misunderstand me.  Not only are the trailheads like this
but this is how the entire landscape of Scottdale is.
Rough, Raw, and Beautiful!!!!

It rained all day yesterday on and off.  Bill and I took a drive
instead of a walk as to not have to call 911 to get a breathing treatment....
parked the car and got out to take some quick pictures.
It was cloudy and foggy - just awesome.

The trails through this area look amazing and we are looking forward
to taking some time to explore them with the kids.
OK - maybe without the kids.

I think I can find some peace there.

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Anonymous said...

amazing photos. . . love the one that looks like a graveyard with the old tree. . . spooky !!!

PS. . yep, its me again, can't figure out why my password/log on won't work . . .any ideas !!!