Thursday, December 23

Although right now it's 68 degrees

this morning was the aftermath of the torrential rain storms we had over night.
Thank you California!
It was a chilly 48 degrees as I took Hannah to the pool for morning workout today.
The clouds were still around here and there, ominous looking,
but as the day progressed nothing came from it.
What is so super cool, is that you can see
here.  From blue sky to white puffy clouds to stormy-ness.  It's kinda awesome.
I pulled over to take a few pictures.

It feels like Saturday.
Actually, every day this week has felt like Saturday.
(how bad is that?)
But things are winding down.  Gifts are bought.
House is mostly decorated.
Menu is planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Amazing hair stylist has been found.

No, I'm serious.
It is said that finding a new stylist can be one of the most stressful
things to happen when you move.  I believe it.  I am on stylist number
two already - and we've only been here 3 weeks.
Anyhoo.  He is terrific.  He owns this place called Choppers,
which looks like a motorcycle gang hang out slash tattoo parlor meets
artsy fartsy eclectic and eccentric cafe.

Back to the list of accomplishments.
Connor is through with his first-week-off-from-school-so-let's-get-up-at-the-
crack-of-dawn-to-go-to-morning-workout-everyday week.  He is wiped out.
Two of the days were all day "camps" with his coach.  9 to 4.  He's looking forward to a
few days off before week two begins on Monday morning!

Hannah?  Well.  She's at a friends house.  Is it just always 'better' at a friends house,
whatever "it" may be?  Or should I just be happy that my social butterfly,
has made this transition look like she's been living here for 6 months already?
Whatever the reason, we hope she can join us for the holidays.......

Well.  Off to do a few more things. 
Shopping Decorating and Cooking will not end until Saturday I suppose.
I'm glad.
And at least I am doing it with fabulous hair!

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