Thursday, December 30

Alternate titles considered -

"These Girls Are Ridiculously Gorgeous"
"My Daughter Can't Use My Camera For Sh*t"

But I am just going to call it -
High Tea at The Biltmore Arizona.

Yes.  High Tea.  While I admit I was a little worried when my most awesomest friend
Leslie booked us a 2:00 reservation there for today - her and I and our girls -
worried that it might be a tad stuffy and high society but
IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Just like my friend....
She never steers me wrong!  Never!

So here are the beautiful girls we call our daughters.

Like I said...just ridiculous, these two!

Anyway.  We ordered tea and had finger sandwiches
and scones and cakes and all kinds of goodies!!!!
And we spent two hours just catching up
and laughing and chatting and just enjoying being out
and relaxing together!
And then we handed over our cameras to the girls to hopefully get a
good shot of Leslie and I.
And hopeful was all I got.
Maybe Olivia got a better shot........

I couldn't even Photoshop the grainy-ness or blurry-ness out.....oh Hannah....

After our Tea, Leslie introduced me to
the most amazing mall on the planet...
oh, wait,
that's what Hannah called it.
oh, wait....
she was right!

Fashion Square Mall.
Spent another couple of hours there, doing girl stuff.
It was just what the doctor ordered.
A great day from start to finish.
Good friends
Good foods
Fabulous mall....


Leslie Marshall said...

Olivia definitely scored a better "pic" of us. I'll email it to you shortly. LOVE YOU!

Kim said...

Gorgeous girls - all of you.

And I told you you'd love Fashion Square.

Emily said...

I've been to that mall and it is amazing!

Sexy AtThirtyfive said...

Olivia (?) looks like a young Lindsay Lohan... when she was young and pretty and promising. So, that's a compliment.
And Hannah, as always, is gorgeous.
Tea is a good idea - what's girlier girl time than that?