Monday, November 22

Today I am thankful for

having had the opportunity to give thanks these last few weeks.
And that is now coming to an end because
I need to finish packing,
get ready for Thanksgiving up in New Hampshire,
and get back here to get ready to head to Arizona.

The next week will be emotional.  I would like to go off
as if we were all here on an extended vacation.
That this is not good bye,
but more like,
we'll see you next time we visit.
Which we will.

So goodbye to my blog for now.
I'll see you when we get to Scottsdale!


Unknown said...

oh, that's an exciting and emotional and sad and thrilling entry!!

I wish you all the happiness, luck and smooth-sailing possible over the next week or two.
And then a bit more as you settle into new routines and lifestyles in the desert.

Much, much love (and sadness that we never did get around to that coffee.)

SwimMomTrishA said...

Buckle up, hold on, and enjoy the ride girlfriend . . .