Sunday, November 21

Today I am thankful for

And the fact that I have a lot.

How else could I sit on a pool deck for a total of about
29 hours this past weekend, watching my kids and a lot of their
team mates compete??

oh and Love too.
I think that must go hand in hand with the patience part.

I've grown to really love these kids from the Aquabears.

and the fact that the VERY few friends I did make while I was here
was with their parents.

I will miss them.  Swim families have a bond.
One that is hard to explain.  Let's just say, I had a lump in
my throat yesterday, watching my kids swim their last
swims with this team.  I had a hard time keeping it all together.

(these photos are from the Connecticut Swimming Top 16 Banquet.  how
gorgeous are all these kids?)


Kim said...



They look very familiar.......