Monday, November 15

Today I am thankful for

being able to help others less fortunate.
I am thankful for the opportunity to teach the kids how to help others.

As I am packing and purging,
and packing some more,
and purging even more...
I can see that though we have downsized
 tremendously since moving here,
we still have a LOT of stuff.
This time of year we have always made it a point
to go through toys and clothes, and coats
and everyday items - and chose things to donate.
It made me stop and think for a minute,
knowing that I have been extremely frugal lately,
how the heck did we get even THIS much stuff??????

It feels good to let some of it go.
Go somewhere where it will be

As I went through the kids toys (which are mostly Garrin's toys at this age..)
I had him come upstairs with me and take a look at what was there,
and what we wanted to pack up to move.
He had three or four Fisher Price Imaginext items that I asked if he
wanted to move them to Arizona or donate them..

He told me that he didn't play with them anymore and he wanted to donate them
to some kids who WOULD play with them.  How sweet!
I asked if he knew what "donating" meant.
He said - it's when you say bye bye to something......
And he said it with a smile.

Boy, did I feel good.  He was learning.

And though I can't write a check to a particular place,
I know how nice it will be for some kids...somewhere..
to watch some fun videos,
read some great books,
play games,
sleep on a soft pillow,
wear a warm coat,
have like-new jeans,
stay warm while sleeping on flannel sheets,

stuff that I (we) take for granted every day.


Anonymous said...

I so love it. It is the best feeling to share with others that are less fortunate than we are. My sweet sister sends my boys $10 a month to donate to someone in need. We have bought jammies, sheets, toys, food, you name it. It is amazing how much my boys are learning and sharing.

Unknown said...

wonderful post.
Totally stealing it. We do the same thing and I should be more thankful for it.
I love this month!