Saturday, November 13

Today I am thankful for

music.  It makes everything all better.
Sometimes it makes everything EVEN better.
I love music.  I mean take a can you not?????
OK - well maybe the music isn't always about the singer.....

Music still rocks - don't you think?


Unknown said...

I am so un-cool. I know less than half of those people in your first block...
But I do love music.

This "25 days of being Thankful" thing is a lot harder than it looks.... I was all gung-ho my first week or so - and now I'm stressing over each day's Thank.

oh - and my wicked sister-in-law that stalks my blog but doesn't speak to me or care to admit she cares about me, she's copying us, too - on her FB.
But, I'm drinking wine with my big sister right now so we can talk about that some other time. ha!

n said...

did you notice that all the singers that you posted on that thing were boys! I'm just sayin'!!