Friday, November 12

Today I am thankful for


Watching Garrin's anticipation for the "new" episode was like watching
a kid get ready for Santa Claus.
We even had the countdown of days until the episode was coming on.
And then we counted down the hours.
And then the half hour......

And watching how thrilled he was.....priceless.
I am grateful for all the little joys that bring a smile to my kids faces.

all over a Yellow Sponge.....
Watching Spongebob for Bill and I is just like watching
the Shrek movies.  Giggling at the little innuendos put in
the show for adult entertainment.....

And it's a nice break know...the day.
So yes...I am thankful for mindless humor sometimes.

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SwimMomTrishA said...

SpongeBob - always loyal to Gary and Patrick, and always looking for acceptance from Squidward . . . life lessons as seen through the eyes of a cartoon. . . interesting perspective I would say. . . .