Sunday, November 7

Today I am thankful for

Some that read this might be surprised, but yes...
I am thankful for Bill.

The last year has been a rocky road for us.
And while I am sure if he were blogging,
the 25 days before Thanksgiving he'd be writing on a daily basis
about how thankful he is for ME....(wink wink)...

We both worked really hard these last nine months, and I am so glad
that we decided to do that instead of throwing it all away.
I say that with all the confidence in the world,
that we will continue to work toward making each other
grateful that we did so.

And really..
who else could give a rats patootie
that all we had were taper candles for his cake...

1 comment:

SwimMomTrishA said...

crackin' up at the tapered candles !! I thought maybe it was a "big" birthday for Bill . . . .