Saturday, November 6

Today I am thankful for

the Aquabears.
Even though my kids soon, will not be walking through these doors anymore,
to join their teammates for swim workout each day,
each and every time I drop them off, especially now,
I know that this team has been an integral part of the kids getting
through this past year.  It has become their place to feel right at home,
when they've known that Bill and I have been struggling in what we
have called home.

The one "given" in this move back to the east coast, is that my kids
would fall into family with open arms.  No questions, no hesitation,
no uneasiness, nothing other than unconditional love.

School and swim were two things I worried about.
The Aquabears became family.
They were unconditional right from the beginning,
and for that I am grateful.
While the kids had come from a huge swim team,
it was a welcome change to fall into a small team.
More intimate. 
Knowing that they are headed back to "bigness" with a new
team in Arizona, I will always feel the comfort of knowing
The Aquabears, and how they have shaped my kids into so much more than
swimmers, these last 11 months.

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SwimMomTrishA said...

AquaBears were lucky to have them !!!