Friday, November 5

Today I am thankful for


Even just 5 minutes.  It always makes the day look up
after a little reprieve from the stress of everyday stuff.
It also means for me, a chance to grab my camera.
Or maybe its the other way around.
Yeah, sometimes it is.
I usually have my camera with me at all times.
So in the midst of errands, or swim pick up, or school drop off -
whatever -
picking up my camera is the start of a little downtime for me.

I like how these posts are turning into more than one thing each day to be
thankful for.  As I sit here and write, being thankful for downtime,
makes me realize that I am thankful for my camera,
and creativity.

Without these things, my life would be a little less fun.
And we ALL could use a little fun.

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