Monday, November 1

Today I am thankful for

Mine for sure...even though when you are 13 you head off to your friends house to
spend Halloween, instead of spending it with your family HEAVEN FORBID.

No ....
but seriously.
These children in particular.
Because you have unconditional love and patience for them.

I am thankful that even though this may be the last time they share this holiday
for a while, they had THIS opportunity.  One, that most are old enough,
to remember down the road, when they aren't together.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

ooooh!! Great shot!! LOVE it! They are all SO CUTE!
And I love that Garrin was Spidey, too!!! I love our boys!

I am completely stealing this idea and going to make almost the same post right now!

Now - go make my header so I can be Thankful, too!