Friday, October 8


Let's talk about food for a second.
I've been enjoying a LOT of it lately......OBviously....

ok - hold on...I can't go on.  OBviously that's not really me now,
although I think my rear end is so huge that I probably picture myself like this sometimes.
This is an app for my iPhone called FatBooth.  It's fun.....OBviously....

Back to the food.  I am in soup mode.  Chili mode.  One pot meals mode.
It's been raining and chilly here and I don't want anything but any of the above.

Disaster number one was Monday night.
I hadn't grocery shopped for the items I needed for a recipe I found in
The Food Network Magazine.  So I decided to improvise and empty out the pantry,
and see how close I could come.  Not EVEN close.  It sucked.  Big time.
How disappointing.  I can usually make something out of nothing and it tastes
pretty decent.  Except this night.  Even massive amounts of grating cheese
couldn't help this one....

Disaster number two was Tuesday night.
I'd run by my sister's house a couple days prior during dinnertime.
She'd made this AWESOME dish that I snagged a taste of.  Had to make it.
Here is the recipe from Giada for Penne With Braised Short Ribs.
And here is the problem.  I didn't have short ribs - so I used a beef roast.
Instead of Roma tomatoes I used crushed tomatoes.
I substituted the dijon mustard with some Chipotle Honey Sauce Shit I had.
Beef Broth...well I used some chicken broth........
Mine should have been called Gini's Substitution Nightmare.  It was more like
a Bolognese at best......nothing like my sister's that had made my mouth
water for another taste of that "heaven".  oh well.

Wednesday night was a HOMERUN.
Pork and Pumpkin Chili, again from The Food Network Magazine.
(I'm seeing a trend here....)
It was thick and tasty and filling, with a kick!
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
Even though my sister threw up in her mouth when I mentioned the pumpkin...

Disaster number three for this week was on Thursday.
Hannah saw them in a cookbook.
So.........she says jump and I say how high.....
I headed out to the grocery store and got all the ingredients.
Nice and fresh - ciabatta, mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, balsamic and olive oil.
Here's my thought.  Unless you are a sandwich shop and specialize in panini's,
you shouldn't be making them.
Unless you are putting about 45 tablespoons of butter on the outside of the bread,
forget it.  You just won't get it to grill nicely.  Even with a panini maker,
or a sandwich press.  Those need to be made, without thinking of how it
can be made "Light" style.  It just doesn't happen.  They ALWAYS
taste better somewhere else.  Bummer.

I think all of this disappointment in the kitchen means I should
go out for sushi.......ya' think?


SwimMomTrishA said...

ok . . . funny, funny, funny post !!! I am the substitute QUEEN, have been since I was alittle girl. My dad tells stories about how I use to bake when I was little (I imagine Abby's age) and we wouldn't have what I needed in the house, so I would run to the family room and say . . . can I use this instead of that . . of course my parents would say no, you follow the receipt, but they didn't know I was half way through and already did it !!! Yikes !! Puke in mouth alrighty !!!

And BTW, that photo is frightening !! Seriously . . . you look like you should be on some show . . . like big women, little world or something. . . I can see hair growing from your chin in my mind - - and I just would like to thank you for that visual this fine Friday AM !!!

luv you more than Cafe Rio . . . which BTW I have having for lunch today. . . did you say QUESO !!!!

Kim said...

Gin, that's so unlike you to have misses in the kitchen. You definitely are one for making something delicious out of nothing. I think the issue is starting with the recipe in the first place. I bet if you took all those things and just made it your own way, it would have tasted better.

Oh, and you can count on me making those short ribs again, so next time I'll just invite you guys over. :)

And, that picture is so disturbing. You look just like Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal. Go google it.

Emily said...

I have a great baked potato soup recipe, makes a ton!