Tuesday, October 26

When it rains, it seems to pour..

and by that I mean,
it is pouring down leaves right about now.  holy crap.

well not only the leaves,
but just around here in general...super super busy.
just when you think one more thing can NOT be added to your to-do list.

arizona was great.  our hotel ended up being
awesome.  never did hotwire before, and i admit it is terribly frightening
thinking what you may possibly get, but hey - it was cheap,
and that was at the top of our priority list.

we found a couple of houses to rent, of which we submitted our "bid".
yup....people bid on the good houses...there are so many.  the economy took a huge
hit there and this is one of the indications.

narrowed down the search for swim teams and interviewed a couple of
coaches.  ended up being a no-brainer (as it was for us when we moved here),
and ended up going home on the plane -
unsure if we had a house,
but confident the kids had a new team to go to.
that just sounds wrong on so many levels.............

so back home here now to:
upcoming swim meet (of which I just looked today - to see where it was)
Garrin's doctor appointment
Mother-in-law's birthday
start packing
moving Bill's office to home
braces off for Hannah
pick up new eyeglasses
go buy boxes
un-attach and re-attach the kids from ct swimming to az swimming
thank you notes from Garrin's birthday
research new insurance for Bill's company
enroll kids in new schools (oh yeah....wait to hear if we have a house yet....)
so on
and so forth

what day is it?
at least i'm doing it with a smile

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Emily said...

I am so happy you liked AZ! Did you get in contact with my friend's sister?