Tuesday, October 5

sometimes... just have to play along.

I wouldn't have worried about getting all spiffy-ed up this morning,
before heading out to the grocery store, if Garrin and I had made these first thing
today.  But going with the flow on this
dreary, cloudy, rainy, a little chilly day?
Well, nothing better than playing with my kid,
importing ALL of my CD's into iTunes finally,
cooking a hopefully fab.u.lous slow-oven-roasted dinner for tonight,

all the while,
looking completely ridiculous
 but happy and silly,
with paper glasses we downloaded from

It's good to be 5.......ahem......FORTY-5.


SwimMomTrishA said...

hee hee !!!

Kim said...

Very cute, Gin!

Sharon said...

How FUN!!! I can't believe he's 5!!!!