Friday, October 22

judgement day

I'm sitting here in this chilly house.  No one is up yet.
I am feeling a little bit anxious inside and am thinking it's probably not the
coffee I have along side of me.

Today I leave for Arizona to meet up with Bill.
We meet with a real estate agent tomorrow,
and two swim coaches from the list of six that I've narrowed down.

One thing that I have learned from living the last 10 months is:
I am not in ANY position to judge anyone.
Life is not perfect.
Marriage is hard work.
People struggle.
Yet still....people judge.

I know the word of us moving is going to be spreading
like wildfire now.  I even opened my email this morning and read a note
from an old friend, extending a hand.  I talked openly about the move
to a couple of families at the pool last night.  Connor and Garrin's teachers know.

And in all my excitement,
I am feeling a little uneasy,
knowing it is my turn to be judged.

Be gentle folks.


SwimMomTrishA said...

I am the judge. . . and your sentence is 10 years of being easier on yourself !! We love you for who you are . . . inside !!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Hey Gini-
This stupid thing FINALLY let me comment.

Eff everyone that can't be happy for you. Seriously, if there is one thing that I have learned this year it's that some people thrive on other people's problems, These people need to disposed of post haste! You are freaking amazing and the most dedicated mom (besides me of course) I have ever cyber-met. Enjoy Arizona, but take a little of the New England magic with you. That stuff is hard to come by.

Sharon said...

Ignore the judements! All that matters is that your family is together and you and your children are happy and healthy!

F*&^ the ones that's YOUR life... do what's best for
Y O U!!!!

Kathleen said...

As you stated:
Life is not perfect.
Marriage is hard work.
People struggle.
I would like to add that the sage one embraces life's imperfections, works towards that which is worth the effort, and knows that struggle usually begets strength. You are an amazing woman trying to do the best she can to keep her family and herself grounded in this all too crazy world.

Ultimately, what really matters are the judgements you place on yourself, not the judgements placed on you by others.

Was that gentle enough?

Unknown said...

Oh Boy.
With each decision to make things "better" comes a whole new set of challenges, eh?
You're strong. You're brave. You have wonderful friends and family to fall back on when you don't feel that way.