Friday, October 29

I never thought I'd be saying this.

So let's just take a guess as to what this colorful thing is.

No idea?
You'll never guess.

It's a mound of...

As Seen On TV
Space Bags.


As I become increasingly nervous about the amount of stuff we have to move,
(yeah I said that last time as we filled up a tractor trailer....)
Bill and I decided to invest in these thingys after his cousin told us
how amazing they were.
Thank you Costco.

Garrin is having fun with them.

He might as well because as time goes by,
his toys will be getting packed up.
What boy doesn't want to play "King of the Mountain"??
At least he'll stay busy...

So seriously.
Did I EVER think I would tout anything that is sold via infomercial??
But these things are unbelievable.  Those 4 "mounds" are holding the contents of
FOUR 20 gallon plastic totes.

Did you know there is a WEBSITE for As Seen On TV products????
Crazy.'ll never catch me in one of these:

Or forcing Lucy upon one of these:

Or purchasing one of these for Bill..............

Ok - well I might buy this:
fetuccini, linguini, martini, bikini......

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love Spacebags.
I also love my Snuggie.

I am an Infomercial Whore.