Saturday, October 9

I don't know how...

Hannah and Connor get up so early on Saturday to swim.
Especially Hannah.  It's almost as if she just got home from working out last night
until 8:30.....and B.A.M....she's back at it.

I got up and drove them to the pool this morning and brought my
camera, in hopes of seeing some deer that they have seen near the pool.
No go for me.  Not a deer to be had....anywhere.
We are in friggin' "deer heaven" for godsakes....

I did stop along the Connecticut River and took some pictures of this
glorious, crisp, clear morning.
I used one of my favorite photoshop actions on these.  It's called Vintage Butterscotch
and you can find it and many others HERE AT THE COFFEESHOP BLOG.
I started just wanting to do the first picture and I couldn't stop.

With all the farms around this part of Connecticut, I couldn't resist stopping and
capturing the sun coming up and over the fields.
The photoshop action I used here was a quickie that I learned from
a long time ago.  It's not part of her free actions set, but it's a good
one for landscape shots.

One thing I can say about living here now is,  I can appreciate all of this.
I was too caught up in being young, running a business and having fun before to even take notice.
It's good to get older....

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Kim said...

Gorgeous shots, Gin.