Tuesday, October 19

Houston, we've got a problem

well, maybe a couple problems...
so more like a few problems.

Here is the first one.

The backyard.  Lotta leaves.  Problem one - we are responsible to clean them all up and get
rid of them right?  Well this is probably only about 1/3 of them.  The other 2/3's?
Still up in the fricken trees....
Next problem is - it was MIGHTY chilly this morning.
Like a "winter-coat" chilly.
Which brings me to my third issue so far.....

Sneakers....WITH socks no less.  Dammit.

Making up for that shock into today,
for today, with a nice cup....ok FOURTH cup, of coffee
on my favorite table,
admiring my beautiful hydrangeas my sister-in-law picked for me this past
Trying to get it all done....whatever "it" is,
before heading to Arizona this weekend.
Some of you know why,
some of you don't.
More on that later.

Have a good Tuesday.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

For some reason your blog is not updating on my page.
You see how often I have been updating my own blog, so without going there I don't come here...
I'm all caught up now.
I so love your photos... and your deep thoughts. Sorry I was MIA for a while. :)
XO Have a great trip - AZ will feel pretty darn HOT after this beautiful, amazingly gorgeous New England autumn.
Enjoy it!