Wednesday, October 13


Today my baby is five.
So let's talk about me for a second.....
He's five.
I'm FORTY five.....(gulp)

OK...on to the birthday boy.

He got a call from his Meme first thing this morning, on his special day...
now that he is a big boy....a real boy....
and boy does he look it!

When did he get so big?
Probably right around the same time he thought it would be OK
to tell his teachers:
"I've got some sad news to tell you."

"We don't have any money to buy anything."


Happy Birthday Bud.
Go ahead...tell anybody anything you'd like.
We still love you!!!


Jerolyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! I remember so vividly the day this sweet boy was born! He put everyone on their toes right from the start! Enjoy your day with your FIVE year old (whew)...3 more months and I'll have one too!

SwimMomTrishA said...

hahahahhahahahahhahahaaaaaa . . . classic !!! One liners from Garrin should be your next book !!

Happy Birthy of your Day Garrin . . . who loves you ?!?!?!?

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Garrin! Sorry to hear your sad news! ;)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Dear "Little Guy," Happy Birthday to YOU!!
WOW! 5 years old, such a big boy! Hugs from Mrs. Carnaby