Saturday, October 30

Connor and Swimming

There is no grey area with Connor and his swimming.
There is either apprehension or elation.
Rather, there is apprehension and THEN
there is elation.

So this is Connor before swimming the 1000 free:

And this is Connor AFTER the 1000 free.
Did it for the first time this morning.

To say he was nervous would be an understatement.
We've been talking about it though.  I try to find the words to make
him a little more at ease.  Do you think he knows that I don't really
know what I am talking about?  Not ever having been a swimmer?
You see,  Connor is my thinker - and in his own mind he needs to analyze
everything, get it all straight in his head, and then proceed.
This morning was it.
His day to do this swim.
After he peed about a hundred times,
and I tied and re-tied his suit for him a hundred times,
he was ready to go.

And he did.
Pretty stinkin' fast for his first time.

I am so proud of him.
He says he wants to do it again.
It appears I may have another distance swimmer on my hands.....
I love this kid.
Just as much in picture number 1 as I do in picture number 2.

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SwimMomTrishA said...

Way to go Connor !!! I totally can visualize your words, peeing, tying, talking, thinking, peeing, tying, talking, thinking . .. over and over and over !!!