Wednesday, September 1

on the road

and DON'T say "again".
Don't say it.
Not even in your head.....

on the road again....

oh dammit.....I didn't want to conjure up pictures of Willie Nelson in my head!!

Regardless of that little sidetrack....

I had myself a good cry yesterday.
A couple times actually.
And though at the time, it was because of something sad,
I really feel good.



At ease.

And I could really use a feeling like that.

I have been considerably more emotional these last 8 months or so.
Sometimes for good reasons and other times

just because

I'm not sure why.

just because, I guess

But I can feel it. I am on the road to a better place.

And I appreciate any and all that have helped/will help me get there.

Life is good.
And oh WOW. Three days, three posts....

1 comment:

SwimMomTrishA said...

they say 30 makes a habit . . . 3 down 27 to go !!

And did you know, a little side trivia, I cry almost everytime I hear Willie Nelson sing Funny How Times Slips Away or Angels Flying Too Close to the Ground !!

So you get on that road again, because I to find love is making music with my friends, and I can't wait to get on the road again !!!

Love, Hugs, and Cafe Rio for everyone !!!