Friday, September 10

Just what I had expected

The temps have been in the low seventies the past few days.
Fall is definitely trying to sneak in.
While everything is still primarily green around here,
there are signs that it is just waiting to blow on in.
It might be just me, but I feel like all the leaves that have
turned and are falling, are on OUR lawn...and no one elses.
Just seems that way........hmmmm.
And of course with the onset of cooler weather, comes Garrin's
undeniable disdain for having to wear pants.
I don't mean just having to cover his bottom half.
pants vs shorts

Hates 'em. With a passion. For at least the first couple
of weeks of having to wear them. But it happens like clockwork.
Started when I actually went to the store to buy them.
Told me he didn't want them. And was truly pissed off
when I went ahead and bought them anyway.
Then after putting them on this morning...with a fight,
he whined.....up until he left for school.
How cute are those little skinny jeans? I mean, really?

When he got home I asked him why his pants were rolled up,
and if his teacher did that?
He said he did it.
I think he's trying to make a point........

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Leslie said...

I am in L.O.V.E with this kid...Just sayin'!