Thursday, September 2

Just like Mama used to make


I'm serious.

I called my grandmother Mama.
And she used to make this for me......all the time.
The kids asked for this, for their after-school snack of all things.

And all it is is....tiny tiny pasta - this is little egg pastina,
cooked and strained and then re-heated in warmed milk.
Salt and Pepper.
Perfect peasant food as my grandfather called it.
Yup. It was about 90 degrees yesterday...extremely humid,
and my kids wanted soup.

Which brings me to the night prior when I concocted an
amazing (if I do say so myself) sweet and sour soup.
Soup just makes me happy.
Even if the outside temperature is higher than
the temperature of the soup......

And speaking of happy........
I called a therapist.
Gonna go see one.
And nowadays - who couldn't use a little therapy.


SwimMomTrishA said...

that actually sounds yummy . . . I think I would have added cinnamon and sugar and made it a dessert - - who doesn't love a dessert !!!

And BTW - -the couch is a warm, pleasant, safe and wonderful spot !! <3

Emily said...

our neighbor, Vincent, in New Mexico made this all the time for his kids. Super yummy.

Unknown said...

Well, I think that sounds gross. But I like Trish's idea of cin & sug.

Enjoy the Me-Time and unloading. You deserve it and only good can come of it.
We all know that self-diagnosing is far worse than the real thing!