Tuesday, September 28

I'm a quitter.

I can't say that very often, thank God.
But that's what I am right now.
A quitter.
I quit Facebook.

And baby, it feels good.

So why...why did I quit?
Well, lots of reasons really.
But most just wasn't fun anymore.
That's why I joined it to begin with ....the fun.
Obviously, since I didn't list my maiden name,
so every single person that I went to high school with,
that I don't have an actual relationship/friendship with
could "friend" me - means I wasn't using it to re-connect with
a time in my life that I don't care to re-connect with.
Anyone I still talk to that I went to high school with -
knows my married name and has an away-from-the-computer
relationship with me.  For me - making those connections
would not bring me that is that.
My personal stance on joining this thing.

It was also not so fun to watch people think that because they hide
behind a computer screen, it is socially acceptable to berate,
insult, put-down, practically bully others.....and have no consequence.
It's amazing to see that people "confront" others by writing shit
instead of talking face to face.  What happened to saying what you had
to say to someone and giving them the option to actually defend themselves??
In person?

Facebook just became a way to have crap shoved in your face
24/7.  What does my sister say?  Ignorance is bliss.
No such thing on Facebook.  It's all right there.  All out for everyone to see. that I'm a quitter....ignorance IS bliss.

It's also become an easy, no effort way to pass judgment.
So wrong in so many ways....seriously.

And to agree with my brother regarding a conversation he and I had
about Facebook.  Great place to write some obscure, vague status
update that nobody in the word gets......except you.  'Cause that was
the point right?
Is that fun?

Oh I definitely had gotten some good out of Facebook. I reconnected with an aunt
that I have.  Which also turned into a connection with 2 half brothers that I have, too.
But I look forward to taking those relationships beyond the computer,
and actually have face to face,
emotion to emotion,
real to real
relationships with.
Without all the crap.

I like talking to real friends on the phone.
Or through an email.
Or have dinner.....

I like these relationships on my terms.
For me, right now,
that just makes more sense.

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Brenda C said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! Man, I wish we could have gotten to know each other better. Maybe in the future or in another life. :)