Thursday, September 16

I heart Barnes & Noble

Bill and I took a quick little side trip to our local B&N last night,
under the premise we were getting chinese take-out...which we
were, but much to Hannah's dismay we were taking too long
getting dinner back home, which shortened our book scavenger
hunt...much to MY dismay.

Nonetheless, we came home with an armful of bargains
that are now sitting neatly on the bookcase.....
(I am a collector not a hoarder.....collector not hoarder...
say it with me.....)

On arrival home with all the "grown-up" books,
Garrin announced that he was ready to start learning how to read. that we are back home.

Couple things about that.
It scares me to think that I have another "Connor" on my hands.
Everything, and I mean everything, has to be on Connor's clock.
Not a second before. I see a little of that coming out in Garrin.
And next....he is so not ready to do this, but I will be a good mom
and provide the tools necessary to get the ball rollin' here.

So I hiked it upstairs to the kids bookcase,
which by the way is sorted - one bookcase houses paperbacks,
the other bookcase - hardcovers.
I have one shelf dedicated to holiday books sorted by holiday
and in the order they come in the year.
All series books are all in numerical order, sorted of course by series.
Everything is then sorted, as best could be, by size.
Back to Garrin....the only thing I had that was remotely
easy for him was Hop on Pop.

There is a reason that I am NOT a teacher.
There is a reason I do not homeschool my kids.
And I'll just leave it at that....

So I headed out today, without Bill......mwahhh ha ha ha ha....
to an awesome 2 story Barnes and Noble.
I remember I'd gotten Hannah Bob Books when she was little.
They are cute little book sets for beginning reading.
Garrin was pleasantly surprised when he got home from school today!

Ohhhhh boy. This is gonna take awhile........

(the photoshop action I used on these photos is called Dirt Bag. It's pretty cool.
I've tried working with a texture layer before with absolutely NO success. So
this was a quick and easy (cheating) way! I need to keep working at it!)

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Emily said...

is the link to a website where you can buy the books Tyler and Connor learned to read on at Vanderburg
"I See Sam"