Wednesday, September 29

blah, blah, blah....

I'm just going to ramble on about a couple things.
It's definitely fall time around here.
Crisp mornings, trees turning, colorful leaves all around..
wait a minute...that seemed too sing-songy for my liking but whatever.
Got this beautiful shot this morning heading out to walk Garrin to school.
A pretty, bright shiny scene, after some rain last night...

I walked around the backyard in flip flops, letting the cool dampness squeak between my toes,
letting fall, fall all around me....
(oh my god, shoot me now....sounds like poetry...)
Here are some photos I took of the leaves, giving them an ethereal,
almost unrealistic hue.

Unrealistic....because I want to just think it is a fantasy, that eventually we will have to rake up
all these leaves at some point in the's really beautiful, just the same.

Why?  Why don't I want to think about raking leaves?
Because check this out.
See how big all those trees are.....?  And they are still FULL of green leaves??????
yeah, you hear me...

Speaking of trees, and our yard.
We've been deer hunting lately...well, more like deer stalking.
Hannah SWORE she saw a deer in the back yard the other night
so we have been walking down back during the day...and at night...(spooky)
looking at deer tracks, deer poop, deer trails...
but NO deer so far.

Here is Connor trailing behind Bill broad daylight.
You should have seen him last night....

And lastly, totally off the subject.
Well....she's fat.
But cute.
I'm thinking about laying under the kitchen table later...
lettin' it all hang out....

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SwimMomTrishA said...

A few thoughts: (1) that first shot is amazing !!!! (2) I can just feel Connor's anxiety and I am holding my breath right now for him !!! (3) love that you are still wearing flip flops !! What's that saying, you can take the girl of the desert, but you can't take the desert out of the girl - - or did I just make that up ?!?!? (4) And lastly, who doesn't love a fat cat !! I say, Cafe Rio for all !!!!