Thursday, September 2

Back to Structure

I am totally loving those words,
even though I am totally NOT loving the kids going back to school.

I know, I say that now. I'm not stupid. I say it every year......

So no more things like this for awhile.

Yesterday only Hannah and Connor went back.
Pre-school for Garrin starts back on Tuesday.
He is over-the-moon excited and I can see the wheels spinning,
as he is rationalizing why he can't go when Hannah and Connor go.
He hasn't quite figured it out yet...I have to say I love his serious-side.

I dropped Hannah off at her new middle school (she changed schools)
and she was as happy as could be. If it's a front, she sure has me fooled,
but she looked pretty excited and not the least bit nervous. By the time
I picked her up yesterday afternoon, she'd already added 3 or 4 new
Facebook friends, and was texting people she didn't know not 24 hours
earlier.......I have to say...I love her outgoing personality.

Hannah had to be in a little early, which made it possible for me to
walk with Bill, Garrin, and Connor over to school for his first day.
Garrin's barrage of questions on why he wasn't going, hid Connor's nervous-ness
for his day back in a still, somewhat unfamiliar school, keeping the three
of us coming up with a gazillion excuses. Once we found the line Connor
needed to be in, we took a step back to watch him ease his way back in with
some kids he knew from last year. I have to heart always aches for Connor
on the first day. Always has and I assume, always will. In the end though,
it's usually without warrant - he seemed to have settled in quickly. He
said he had a great day.

The best part of the whole morning was this:
This bell is on top of Connor and Garrin's school. And on the first day,
(as well as the last) it rang and rang

and rang

and rang some more

for about 15 minutes.
It was pretty stinking cool.

Hope today is just as good for them.
I make that same wish every day.

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SwimMomTrishA said...

your line about an aching heart brought tears to my eyes. . . I can see your face, I can feel your anxiety, I can see the love pouring from your soul for this kid, just wanting the best, just wanting him to be happy !!

On another note. . . you got some fine looking fellas in your family and Hannah, well we already know she is a beeeeeeauty !!!