Wednesday, August 4

Why Hannah swims...

That is a pretty common phrase around here...
why Hannah swims...or .... it's a good thing Hannah swims...

For example.
Hannah and her "BFF" Kelly, whom she has been joined at the hip
since we moved here, of which I realized this past weekend's swim meet,
they were poured from the same mold....for sure for many reasons,
spent the night last night. The girls decided THEY would make
dessert for all of us and embarked on the easy task of
baking a homemade Pecan Pie.
Don't let that photo fool you. THAT is what pecan pie really looks like.....with,
let's say......3 tablespoons of flour as part of the recipe.

THIS is the real pie....with....
3 CUPS of flour as part of the recipe.
Along those same lines, I vaguely remember THIS blog post
pertaining to Hannah and Baking.

And this is in fact WHY Hannah swims....
I have to admit I was so glad to have that bit of humor last night.
Been needing that so much lately.

It has been one week today, that some guy slammed into the back
of my truck. And while I am so grateful that I am OK, I still feel
sorry for myself...or maybe it is just my truck that I feel sorry for,
or maybe the fact that I don't have the truck I loved most in this world,
or maybe I just don't know period, since my head hurts......
Nonetheless - laughter will get me through this. I will take it in all
and any forms.


That night, I'd dropped the kids off at the pool and had to blow an hour, so I was
on the campus shooting some photos, when I got the bright, or maybe not
so bright, idea to head over to the cemetery where some of my relatives
are buried. And then bang - my car goes flying...and so does my camera that
was on the front seat. Just downloaded the pictures I'd taken that night.
Thank goodness the camera is OK. Imagine me losing my truck AND my
camera??? Dang. My head hurts.

One of the photos is actually the photo I was going to use for last week's
Team Up Thursday, the theme being "Doors".
I knew that this was the last time, the last night my kids would be walking through
those doors onto that pool deck. I'd half expected to shoot a picture of
Hannah walking in first slamming the door in Connor's face, but it didn't turn out
that way...happy me... I like how it turned out. On the upside, hopefully their
home pool will be finished with renovations once Short Course season starts up
which is a tad closer to home, and A LOT further away from the cemetery...hah!

These are the rest of the photos from "that night".....

Well. I've written about it
and I now think I am over myself about it.
Don't you hate it when you have to tell yourSELF to get
over something? I do.....

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