Sunday, August 15

The truth is...

that yesterday, I finally realized the REAL reason
I love the beach. Besides these goof-balls I call my kids......

The beach is the one place I can go where nothing else matters.

I can truly relax. Bill can vouch for me on this one. I've not always relaxed at the beach.
The sea has not always been my friend. It took me a very long time...many years in fact,
to feel comfortable going into the ocean. I've realized it is not only about relaxing
your entire body, but relaxing your mind too.

(yes, Hannah put sand-boobies on the boys...)


I don't have to think.
About anything.
The past or the future.
Just that very moment.

Don't have to think about doctors or lawyers, or my truck, or lack there-of,
or what I am going to do, or what I need to do, or what I have to do or what I should do.

I don't have to think of laundry, the house, vacation, school, work,
and the momentary lack of desire to do all of the above.

I don't have to think about my marriage, or parenting.

I don't have to argue with my self, my head, my thoughts.
I can just relax.

And I need that now more than ever.
I am feeling a little f**ked up in the head sometimes.
In a funk sometimes.
I thank Bill and the kids for giving me a little reprieve from ME
to make that all so much better yesterday.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Really great pictures. Really great.

I love the beach for so many of the same reasons, Gini. It is nature at it's best - strong, confident, time-tested, wise, beautiful, graceful, glorious and of course, relaxing.

I might just go tomorrow.