Thursday, July 15

Team Up Thursday

Where We Live
That was the theme for this week.
Interesting for MY SISTER (on the right) and me,
seeing as we live in the same town.

I am honestly NOT thrilled with my picture this week. Kimmy's on the other hand is amazing.
Be sure to check out her blog to read how she came up with this capture. It is the story
of the purchase of this - their home. Where They Live.

My photo - well my goal was to capture the essence of this town. A town that I will first
consider my sister and her husbands town. I've said this before - they chose a great place
to live, to grow, and watch the kids grow. The few but simple things we needed and were
looking for when we moved here. This too, is our home and I am enjoying every minute.
Thank you guys, for sharing it with us.

Anyhoo....capturing this town in one shot is not easy.
I chose a shot of the Town Hall.
The place where it all comes together.

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Unknown said...

ummm... now I am back on my "let's move to Longmeadow" train.