Thursday, July 1

Team Up Thursday

Our theme for the diptych this week was water.
My photo is on the top and my sister's is on the bottom.

Let me say a few things about my sister's photo first.
Love the way she took this shot.
Water being the focus and Matthew and Dennis off to the side.
Hugely part of the theme but it's like they are the side note to this all.
Secondly - Makes me miss my pool.
Makes me know for sure how I took something like that for
granted and now that we don't have one, I have room within myself
to appreciate what I do have instead of just figure what I had
is what I had.....Out rightly, I hope to not ever takes things for granted,
but that creeps within all of us at times. In the past months of trying to
figure "me" out - I realize how much I did take for granted. Life has
truly balanced out for me and I am happy to report - I appreciate more now.
Hooray for

Now on to mine.
I sent my photo to Kimmy with a note to say how predictable I was this week,
choosing a shot of Hannah swimming. She fired back with - not predictable,
just logical. I hate it when my younger sister is right.....
So water.....something that is imperative for us all to survive.
Swimming is like that for Hannah.
Fortunately/Unfortunately - I don't know which -
most people just don't get it. Don't get how this sport takes up her
life, occupies her life, takes precedence in her life.
I often wonder why I support such a thing for a girl who has been
this committed since she was 7. She's gonna be 13....
That's a long time for a kid. But growing up for me was nothing like
what it is today for my kids. I never knew what it was like to play a sport,
or play an instrument, or get involved in things kids do - extra curricular...

I don't know if this would be the case if she wasn't very good.
But I happen to think she is - and so do a lot of other poignant people
in this sport. Maybe it's like a child's commitment to learning and playing
music. It is something they could take far in life. Wouldn't the parent step
up and support any possibility of this?

And if I've rambled on too much over this....
ask any swim parent. We know that if you are not
knee deep in this, like we are, you may just not understand.

And someone not understanding something about
me or my life or my choices or my decisions,
pretty much drives me batty. And I admit to taking
full advantage of this outlet to explain myself - probably to make myself
feel better. Better about what? Who the hell knows.
Because no one really cares more than I do about what I do.

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Liz - Can't seem to log into Blogger said...

I do the same exact thing in my blog.
It is so therapeutic to put it all out there - to quiet the cynical voices in my head. I can't be sure where they start or how to quiet them, but blogging helps so much.