Friday, July 16

NYC - part 2

I presume you've recovered from the Naked Cowboy shot. I sure have.
I threw in a little Team Up Thursday yesterday,
and now today we are back to our visit to NYC.
These shots are of our Central Park experience.

What a great place. We experienced it with a horse and carriage ride at first,
and then meandered around the park on foot for an hour or so.
But the time we were finished, we couldn't find a taxi fast enough.

My favorite part? Watching Olivia get sketched by
"the best" artist in the park for $10.

1 comment:

LaAna said...

This makes me miss NYC!!! I LOVED it there and can't wait to be able to go back. You've captured it so beautifully!
P.S. I must admit that I'm kinda bummed that we missed the Naked Cowboy.