Tuesday, July 13

Let's just get this out of the way first....

Spent this past weekend in NYC with my friend Leslie and our girls.
I'm splitting this post up over a few days.

A quick little bit of info....
Met Leslie when I owned my flower shop long, long ago.
She had Olivia on July 20th and exactly to the day,
I had Hannah, one year later.
So our girls share a birthday and our hope has always been
for them to be great friends, like Leslie and I are.
Just as it is with us -
no matter how far apart we live,
our friendship is as close as ever.
The girls haven't seen each other in about 7 years.
It was like they saw each other last week.

Take a good look at these photos of them..............

because after today, we've decided we are locking them up
and throwing away the key...they are so ridiculously GORGEOUS!!

Yup.....say "buh bye" girls. No dating for you....ever!