Sunday, July 4

East Beach, Part 1

And I am really only saying Part 1 because I am hoping secretly for a
Part 2,
a Part 3,
a Part 4,
so on and so forth.
I love East Beach in Rhode Island.
For many reasons.
Reader's Digest version:
Bill and I had our first "date" there.
We went there a LOT each summer.
And we even rented a beach house on East Beach for
a week, a couple of summers.

We've visited beaches on the Pacific Coast, for the past
nine years, so it was like "going home" being back here!!
Our 4th of July was spent on the beach. It was near perfect.
Only thing missing were the boys. They spent the weekend up
in New Hampshire with family and I'm sure they had the time of their
lives, even without us.

Here's a little re-cap of yesterday.

Can't wait to go back.....

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