Thursday, July 22

Team Up Thursday

The theme for our diptych this week was

Here is the result of our interpretations.
Me on the left
Kimmy on the right.

This one brought me back to my childhood.
There was a time, that I don't even think my brother and
sister will remember, but my mother had found this lady
who did Silhouette Portraits. I remember her coming over
and drawing our shadow onto a black piece of paper,
which she later for each of us.

I played off of that memory in doing my shot of Hannah's profile....
or skewed profile...which I love.

Kimmy's ...?
Well no words except how beautiful this shot is.
I can feel the tranquility.

Wednesday, July 21

I can't help myself.

It feels like it's been forever.
I haven't felt the heavy weight of my camera in my hand.
Haven't felt the rush of excitement pulsing through me,
as I get ready to shoot my subject.
I've truly missed the anticipation of downloading my
creative work, only to relish in the art that flows from my
head and transfers to my finger as I photograph
life through my eyes....through my lens......

And if you believe any of that crap,
I've got a bridge to sell. And besides, I just re-read that
and threw up in my mouth a little.....

I had some time that I'd put aside to take the kids pictures.
I knew I wanted to do it at the building where my studio is,
it was just the timing that I needed to figure out.

Hannah's birthday seemed appropriate since I wanted a recent picture of
her for THAT blog post.

So instead of the shit I wrote in the beginning of the post - here is the
real story. It took forever, or so it seemed, to get the kids motivated
to get up and out yesterday morning. I wanted to do the photos before it
got so stinkin' hot out. Since I enjoy my own "personal summer" all days
of the year - I knew with this humidity - I'd be pushing myself close to the edge.
So. The bribing with Garrin began before we left the house. I told him we
would be making a trip to Toys R Us once the photo session was finished
he behaved
looked at the camera when I asked him to.
To this - he quickly agreed.

Once there - the sun came out dammit....and wrecked my plan
for shots on the staircase, that I'd planned. So we moved to a different
spot. Hannah was a breeze. What 13 year old, gorgeous kid, doesn't
want their picture taken? Anyhoo. Connor smiled. STUPIDLY, that is.
Then he didn't smile. Then he put his hands on his hips....which pisses me off
usually. And Garrin - well - I yelled at him pretty much the whole entire time.
While offering a new, better bribe was hopefully going to "do it", I was wrong.
I shot quick in the hopes that the people that actually do business in the
building, did not have Child Protective Services on speed dial to report
my obvious verbal abuse.........

But the end results. Spectacular, if I do say so myself.
While I am a photoshop junkie for sure - I am so happy with how these came out.
I couldn't pick just a few. So sit back, grab a coffee, and check it out.

Damn I need to learn how to use this camera.....
oh and I think my kids should be models.
They are too busy for that I guess.

Tuesday, July 20

To my daughter

Today is my girl's 13th birthday.
The official start of the teenage years.
But we are talking about a girl who had to
act older before her time.
A girl who has unmatched determination
to be the best at what she does.
A dedication to a sport she truly loves.
Someone who time manages her social life
against her school life,
against her swim life,
and does it with ease.
All the while doing things that grown-ups have
trouble accomplishing AND still being a kid
deep down inside.
Being funny, and silly, and crazy, and random.
Being the Hannah that some people resent
but others admire.

I am one of the admirers.
She is becoming a wonderfully beautiful,
intelligent, well-rounded,
self-assured young girl,
whom I am proud to call my daughter.

Friday, July 16

NYC - part 2

I presume you've recovered from the Naked Cowboy shot. I sure have.
I threw in a little Team Up Thursday yesterday,
and now today we are back to our visit to NYC.
These shots are of our Central Park experience.

What a great place. We experienced it with a horse and carriage ride at first,
and then meandered around the park on foot for an hour or so.
But the time we were finished, we couldn't find a taxi fast enough.

My favorite part? Watching Olivia get sketched by
"the best" artist in the park for $10.

Thursday, July 15

Team Up Thursday

Where We Live
That was the theme for this week.
Interesting for MY SISTER (on the right) and me,
seeing as we live in the same town.

I am honestly NOT thrilled with my picture this week. Kimmy's on the other hand is amazing.
Be sure to check out her blog to read how she came up with this capture. It is the story
of the purchase of this - their home. Where They Live.

My photo - well my goal was to capture the essence of this town. A town that I will first
consider my sister and her husbands town. I've said this before - they chose a great place
to live, to grow, and watch the kids grow. The few but simple things we needed and were
looking for when we moved here. This too, is our home and I am enjoying every minute.
Thank you guys, for sharing it with us.

Anyhoo....capturing this town in one shot is not easy.
I chose a shot of the Town Hall.
The place where it all comes together.

Wednesday, July 14

NYC -part 1

Nothing says NYC like riding the train in,

walking thru Grand Central Station,

hailing a cab,

finding 4 "oh-shit" handles to hold onto in said cab,

zooming thru the city watching the expressions on our daughters faces
as we come within a near miss of about 4000 pedestrians and
numerous cars, buses, other taxis and bikers......,

checking into our hotel,

to quickly just drop our bags,

and head out into the bustle of Times Square,

to walk smack dab into this:

Great first day. Great first impression for my naive daughter.

'nuff said

Tuesday, July 13

Let's just get this out of the way first....

Spent this past weekend in NYC with my friend Leslie and our girls.
I'm splitting this post up over a few days.

A quick little bit of info....
Met Leslie when I owned my flower shop long, long ago.
She had Olivia on July 20th and exactly to the day,
I had Hannah, one year later.
So our girls share a birthday and our hope has always been
for them to be great friends, like Leslie and I are.
Just as it is with us -
no matter how far apart we live,
our friendship is as close as ever.
The girls haven't seen each other in about 7 years.
It was like they saw each other last week.

Take a good look at these photos of them..............

because after today, we've decided we are locking them up
and throwing away the key...they are so ridiculously GORGEOUS!!

Yup.....say "buh bye" girls. No dating for you....ever!

Thursday, July 8

Did someone say there was a swim meet?

Did someone say it was supposed to be Team-Up Thursday?
Yup. Busy week. Swim meet on Tuesday and Wednesday,
so the Celebrate Diptych did not get done.....

This is the only proof of there being a meet.
We had "other things" on our mind.

This would be....."other things":


Now to get ready for the exact opposite of relaxation on the beach.....
New York City.
My Girlfriend.
2 Teenagers.

oh boy....

Tuesday, July 6

all about the flowers

I am feeling very torn at times. Torn between
what I want to do
what I need to do
what I'd like to do
what I must do.

I have made this huge commitment to starting my business
Designs on Main.
(shameless plug....please go "Like" me on Facebook)
I worry about what is going to or has fallen by the wayside,
while I work on getting it up and running.
But that is all part of the process. I know that. This is a second go round for me,
though the first time I did this, I didn't have nearly the resposiblilities
that I have now.
It's all good though.
I have a lot of support and encouragement
to help me along.

Sunday, July 4

East Beach, Part 1

And I am really only saying Part 1 because I am hoping secretly for a
Part 2,
a Part 3,
a Part 4,
so on and so forth.
I love East Beach in Rhode Island.
For many reasons.
Reader's Digest version:
Bill and I had our first "date" there.
We went there a LOT each summer.
And we even rented a beach house on East Beach for
a week, a couple of summers.

We've visited beaches on the Pacific Coast, for the past
nine years, so it was like "going home" being back here!!
Our 4th of July was spent on the beach. It was near perfect.
Only thing missing were the boys. They spent the weekend up
in New Hampshire with family and I'm sure they had the time of their
lives, even without us.

Here's a little re-cap of yesterday.

Can't wait to go back.....

Independence Day

I am pre-posting this,
in the hopes that, I like many thousands of
other people, will be at a beautiful beach,
laying on warm sand,
listening to the waves crashing,
Bill snoring next to me,
while my kids drip popsicle juice on my head,
as they hold them in their sandy hands........

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Saturday, July 3

The Building

I never actually spent time outside the building where Bill's office and
my studio is located. Took some time the other day to take a few
pictures. I meandered around the backside of the building, where it
has been abandoned for quite some time. There is still a large area
that I couldn't get to - where my flip flops and shorts wouldn't quite cut
it for me.....I will tackle that next week I think!

Check out how cool these are.