Monday, June 28

Traveling down the right path, .........finally.

I am feeling good lately.
Healthy meaning, mind wise.
Not fat ass wise...but that will be for another day.
I feel stronger....mind wise as well.

This can only be a good thing.
It's a culmination of a lot of things I think.
How I look at things now.
Knowing that I need to slow down my life.
Letting myself get to a good place slowly.
And letting some of the guilt go....which isn't easy
with our Eye.Talian upbringing.....but what.ev.

And the support of my family has been critical.
The support of my friends....imperative.
I'm lucky.

Well I am now 45. I now have to check the second to last age box
on most questionnaires.........THAT'S a bummer for sure.
Much to my discomfort, we celebrated my birthday this past weekend.
I don't like the attention being on myself,
I'd much rather plan something for someone else.
And we all know can go over the top on that,
AND I rock at it.

Anyhoo. Friday night - sushi and hibachi
from my most favorite place to get it - Osaka in Northhampton.
Ever since Kimmy and Dennis introduced it to me...I can't
get it outta my is AMAZING. And yesterday a cookout
with our family. Really great. Really low key. Really relaxing.
But my favorite part of my weekend-long celebration
was breakfast prepared by my kids.

.....speaking of being on the right path.....

I am in a good place right now.
Figuratively and realistically.
Thanks to all that made me feel special.
My heart is full.


Emily said...

I am so happy for you!

Bill said...

Love the post.... Love You.