Wednesday, June 2

Things are a bit foggy.

well, with the humidity and all.
Oh and yes, figuratively as well, with the move and all.
Holiday, back to school, field trips, Beauty and The Beast play,
wrapping up the end of the academic year....and the fact that I am old
and am going to be 45 pretty much sums it up......I am primarily in a daze most days.

Anyhoo. Took a walk down the back yard today.
The wooded part.

Had to get a new lens for my camera. Well I didn't have to.
But the one I love the most, broke. Don't ask me how, 'cause I don't know.
But I am trying to get used to this new one. Which took amazing shots,
nonetheless, but it's a 24 -200 instead of a 15-200. Need to use a
different lens now for the more "close-up" shots.

Going to go back down tomorrow with a different lens. I am sure there are
other little creatures and what not that I will be able to capture...
in a photo that is.........

Happy HOLY.SHIT.IT'S.ALREADY Wednesday!!

1 comment:

Jerolyn said...

Beautiful Lovely Enjoyable photos!

...with that being said, PLEASE tell me Bill went straight to Home Depot and bought some bug/SPIDER spray after you shot these? The kind you put in a pump and spray the whole yard with...shiver~EEK!