Thursday, June 24

Team Up Thursday

The theme for this weeks diptych was
After Hours.

I put off thinking about it for a while and when it came time to wrap my head
around what I was possibly going to come up with for a photo,
I thought of this:

Until I realized they were not called After Hour mints but After Eight mints.
Funny thing is, when Bill asked what the theme was,
that was HIS suggestion as well.
We BOTH are stupid...

I knew I wanted to take a picture of cars at night.
Why? Since I don't know how to properly use the settings on my
camera to be able to get a decent night shot? Who knows, but I was
giving it a try.

The result - Kimmy on the left and me on the right.
From what my sister tells me, she got this on the first shot.
Nice job, Kimberly.

1 comment:

Kim said...

LOVE After Eight mints! I can power through a box of those in no time!

Nice pic, NeeNee. It wasn't that I got mine on the first shot -it was just that it came out exactly like I was thinking.