Thursday, June 3

Team Up Thursday

So Kimmy and I were both upset that we passed on Team Up Thursday last week,
but I think we really made up for it this week.

The theme was signs.
I just LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE my sister's which is on the left!!!!
love it

Mine. Well. Went out last night to take the shot.
Had in mind that I wanted repetitious signs all in a row.
Found them in front of Home Depot about 10 minutes from the house.
Shot the pictures. Each shot looking better and better...........
until I noticed my display said:




Drove home.
Got the card.
Loaded it in my camera.
Went back to the parking lot to get the shot.

Mine's on the right.

Got home.
Downloaded the photos.
ALL BLURRY........

So I photoshopped the crap out of it.
It came out fairly decent.

We do good work and my sister!

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