Tuesday, June 22

"say hello to my little friend"

We felt all warm and fuzzy when we rescued our cat Gina from the pound.
So we were at PetSmart last week because Gina, who has gained quite a bit
of weight, even on the diet food we've put her on, needed food.
And so did Lucy. Cat food that is. Lucy needed more cat food.......
Dog food just doesn't cut it for her anymore. Anyhoo....PetSmart.

Well they have a little shelter type place set up in there with cats that
need rescuing. We saw the most awesome-est looking cat,
who needed us. Or maybe we just needed another warm and fuzzy feeling.

Her name was - DESTINY.
And since she didn't appear to look anything like an African American Pop Singer,
we decided to change her name. So here is Penny.
She is super cute. Very stiking markings, she has. She's gorgeous.
And just a quick little note about the name. When I was pregnant with Garrin,
and before we knew he'd be a Garrin, you know, all the while thinking we were going
to have a girl, we asked the kids what a good girl name would be.

Connor said Penny.
I'm thinking Penelope.
He was thinking the coin.

The amniocentesis determined that one and Penny was not to be.
So then getting this pretty kitty, we just thought it would be a great opportunity to call her our favorite name.

Until we realized that LUCIFER would have been more appropriate.

And that is right around the time that Lucy and Gina decided it would be in their
best interest to bury the hatchet and form an alliance against Penny. be continued.


Kim said...

OK, it's spooky how evil she looks in that picture! She definitely looks like a devil cat! I'm gonna watch my back around her the next time I'm over.

I can't believe I didn't recognize Gina the other night. She looks good, actually, but just so different.

BTW, I'd forgotten all about the story behind the name Penny. Thanks for refreshing my memory!

Unknown said...

omg - I love that you guys adopted an older cat. And I love that you have adopted TWO since your arrival. I love, love, love that so much - you have no idea how much I want to hug and kiss all of you.
I am such a freak when it comes to rescues. When my kids are bigger - I plan to adopt big, old dogs - one after the other.
Anyway - I love the how your pictures tell the story.
I can't wait to hear/see how things go.