Sunday, June 6

pretty good day....all around

It's Sunday night. I'm sitting in my living room, which by the way is "mostly" done.
Mostly set up the way I want - books on the bookshelves, pictures hung,
tchotchkes here, there and everywhere, TV hung over the fireplace (thank you Christopher!),
fresh flowers and greens from the yard in a vase, candles lit.

Bill is making cookies,
Hannah is reading a book,
(I know, I know - stfu?!?!?!),
the boys are playing with various electronic devices,
and I am just relaxing.

And most of the rest of the house is a friggen mess.
Most I say. far the kitchen is "mostly" done.
We had a painter come in and paint the whole kitchen white,
had a custom table built,
and found a spot for all of our things.
But some of the new paint is peeling (which is pissing me off)
and my cast iron radiators and a hanging bookshelf
still need finishing. Then it will be "all" done.
I can't wait to post before and after pictures of that room
after I rip the painter a "new one".
I think it is unrecognizable. It went from dark and dated
to clean, and crisp, and very, very family friendly!!

The office - well I tackled that on Friday and actually made great progress.
After having to level almost every single piece of furniture in there....
I was able to get all my things organized,
in only the most perfect OCD way I know how,
and it is pretty enjoyable to walk in there now.

The dining room - that's just gonna have to wait. We have obvious floor issues in there.
In other words - let alone that the floors are warped and completely unlevel,
I can see down into the basement in some spots and others just feel
like if Fat Albert came over for dinner, he might wind up IN the basement.
So eating occurs either in the kitchen or outside when possible.
I'm good with that.

Upstairs.....That would be where the freak tornado hit.
So I'm not even going to talk about it.

Oh wait I want to say one thing.
The one thing that did inspire this blog post tonight.

I walked upstairs to put on some comfy clothes,
tripped over everything on the way into my bedroom,
and came back downstairs thinking...

"I love this house."

Now THAT is huge for me.
I love it WITH the mess.
WTF is happening to me????

Let's move on from the house to the swim meet.
Past posts will tell the stories of me working swim meets
not paying attention to my kids
when we lived in Nevada. And the move here
bringing me the desire to take a step back from
everything I was involved in....
but truly loved.

Well this weekend, I got my toes wet again.
And I had the time of my life.
I worked the admin table, learning some new things,
ignored my kids swims
and had a really, really great time doing it.
It felt good.

It felt so nice to be on deck where all the action is.
And it was great to give back to this team,
that my kids are dedicating so much of their time to.
A team in which they are thriving.
They are loved.
And nothing makes me want to show everyone my appreciation
more than doing what I do.

I can't wait to do more.
What a great weekend it has been.
It feels nice to feel good.
It feels nice to start to feel like me.

Someone told me that even though I was feeling like I was lost, and
that I'd become a different person, that deep down,
I've ALWAYS been the person I loved being when I lived in Nevada.
It would just take a little time for me to find Me here.

And she was right. I think I am on my way.

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